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Why Should I Use Vakil9 For Online TDS Payment?

An online TDS report is an electronic statement that the IT department receives every quarter. Each deductor must deposit income tax on time and file for TDS returns. Vakil9 guides and assists you in filing online TDS returns within 3 simple steps.


You can file your TDS return online An Overview

The idea of TDS was created to collect taxes at points of earning. Based on this concept the taxpayer (dedicator) who has to pay another (deductee) is required to withhold taxes at source and then transfer it to an account with the government. Based on the Form 26AS or a TDS declaration issued by the person who is the deduction the person who is deducted from whose income tax source deductions are taken is entitled to a an amount of credit equal to the tax taken out.

On-line TDS returns are a report that is sent to IT department each quarter. Every deduct or has to pay income tax and file the TDS returns on deadline. vakil9 aids and assists you with how to file online TDS returns in three easy steps. The process is simple and is completed with no delay. Make an appointment today and seek legal help!

TDS Return for both businesses and individuals

A company or employer with an tax collection and deduction account number may submit the online TDS return. Any person or company that is liable for a specific payment in the I-T Act needs to deduct tax at the source. The payment is required to be paid within the specified time. The payment categories are:

  • Salary
  • Commissions for insurance
  • The earnings from winning races for horses
  • Income from “Income on Securities”
  • The income is earned through playing the lottery, solving puzzles, and many more
  • In respect of National Saving Scheme and many other

Assessees are able to file an electronic tax return if deduction was made from their earnings. In the past, it is the duty for the assessee to submit the return within the due date or else be accountable for penalties for delaying. The types of assessees who are that are eligible to electronically file TDS returns every quarter are:

  • Company
  • Accounts audited by persons pursuant to s44AB
  • People who hold office under the government

The benefits of TDS Return Filing Online

According to the IT Act of 1961 filing TDS returns is required and also provides some benefits for the person or business. The advantages of filing an application and knowing about the status of the refund are

  • An ongoing flow of revenue for the government.
  • Facilitates smooth tax collection to fund welfare.
  • There is no tax burden to pay a lump sum since the payment is made each three months throughout the entire year.

You can now calculate your TDS on your pay online with vakil9. With the assistance by the internet-based calculator for TDS interest You can calculate your tax while you are at your home.

What is a TDS Certificate?

TDS Certificate, also known as Form 16A or Form 16A, is a document TDS Certificate, also known as Form 16 or Form 16A is a form issued either by the employer deductor to an employee or payee . It describes the tax that is deducted at the source (TDS) on their earnings or earnings. The certificate is given at close of the fiscal year and contains information like the amount of earnings made, the amount of TDS that were deducted, and what amount of taxes owed by the payee or employee. The payee or employee uses this TDS Certificate to claim credit for the tax they paid when filling out their tax returns.

TDS Return Form

Return form called a TDS (Tax At Source) tax return is an form used to record tax deductions taken by an individual or an organisation’s income. It is submitted to the Income Tax Department of India and is used to make sure that the person or organization pay the appropriate amount of tax.

This TDS return form contains information such as the name of the taxpayer and his the PAN (Permanent Account Number) and the tax deduction’s name, the TAN (Tax deductor and Collector Account number) as well as the time of tax deduction and how much tax was that was deducted. The form also contains information about the sources that are tax-deductible including the nature of the tax payment and the amount that was paid and the amount at which tax was taken out.

TDS return forms can be submitted electronically or via a physical form. It is essential to file TDS return forms on time. TDS return form by the due date to avoid fees or penalty.

TDS Payment Deadlines and Penalties

This table lists dates to deposit tax withheld at source and making TDS returns for the fiscal year of each deductor 2022-2023. Make sure you are aware of TDS rates every year.

Quarter endingMonth of deductionDeadlines for payments due for deducting from tax (2022-2023)Deadlines for filing TDs return for this year ( 2022-23)
30 June 2022April 2022, May 2022, June 20227 May 2022 7 May 2022 7 July 202231 July 2022
30 September 2022July 2022, August 2022 September 20227 August 2022 7 August 2022 7 October 202231 October 2022
31 December 2022October 2022, November 2022 December 20227 November 2022. 7 Dec 2022 7 January 202331 January 2023
31 March 2023January 2023 to 2023. February 2023 to 2023. March 20237 February 2023 7 March 2023 7 April 2023 to deduct tax deductions by the govt. office) 30-April 2023 (for other tax deductors)31 May 2023

Fine for late filing of TDS/TCS Returns

Late filing charges , or charges according to Section 234e. Anyone who is required to file TDS after the due date TDS before the deadline is susceptible to a penalty daily of Rs200 till it is filed. TDS return is submitted. For instance, suppose that you have deducted TDS of 5 000 on May 13, 2022. You submit your first quarter’s tax return on the 17th of November in 2022 instead of the deadline of 31 July 2022.

The delay of 109 days and runs from 1 August 2022 to 17 November 2022.

The end result is Rs200 divided by 109 days which is the amount of Rs21,800. As your total late fee is higher than what is the TDS value of Rs5000, you are required to pay an additional Rs5000 late-filing fee. Also, you must pay interest on any TDS delay in deposits as detailed in the next section. With vakil9’s TDS deposit facility you will be able to stay clear of TDS delay in deposit.

Penalties (Sec 271H)

The officer has the power to demand a penalty from the defaulters. The officer who is assessing can demand up to Rs10000 in penalty in the event that you fail to submit the TDS is not received by the time limit. A penalty can be imposed in this section in addition the late filing penalty in Section 234E.

  • The government is creditable with the tax deducted or collected at its source
  • All late payment fees or direct to the credit bureau of the government.
  • The return for TDS/TCS is due by the end of the year , following the deadlines set in this regard.

How Can We Help You with the filing of TDS Return?

Each deductor has to complete the TDS tax return for the Income Tax Department of India in quarterly reports. Every aspect of the returns must be precise and accurate. The process of completing the quarterly installments can be difficult and if you don’t complete the return in time, you could face a huge fine.

The IT department decides on rates for TDS determined by the amount of expenses that are recognized by them. Therefore, the rate that is prescribed for the deduction is different. The threshold limit to be kept in mind when making payments is a tedious task.

When you have chosen to work with us, the affiliates will prepare the account and submit an TDS refund on behalf of you. From the beginning of filing the returns until the final phase of refunding We act as your advisors. vakil9 handles all the necessary paperwork for you and makes sure that every government interaction is seamless. Our procedure is completely transparent and always exceeds your expectations. We are able to take care of:

  • Calculating your TDS payments
  • electronically filing the TDS return electronically
  • Conformity to regulations

Things to Consider Before Filing a TDS Return Time

If a person is a victim of an TDS cut in wages, TDS return can be submitted online. The return preparation must be completed within the stipulated period of time because for those who are considered to be frequent defaulters within India and are subject to a severe penalty, they is imposed. Thus, submitting an e-TDS return within the time frame specified is crucial.

In the case of the deduction, it’s essential to transfer TDS that has been reduced TDS to the relevant department within the government, together with the relevant information.

The timeframe in which the deductor must deposit the money and the person who deducts must apply for TDS refund, is listed below. It is crucial to adhere to the timetable to avoid paying penalties.

Online TDS returns, anyone who has claimed the TDS deduction must submit the TDS return on time and without fail. The tax payer must submit quarterly returns to the income tax department. Different forms are available depending on the changing intent for the TDS deductions. The PAN details of both tax deductor and the taxpayer should be included in the tax statement. This statement must also include details about the TDS tax challan as well as the tax details, in addition to other crucial information.

In the online TDS return the statement or TDS return is described as the summation of each transaction related to quarterly TDS payments. The statement must be provided through the deductions deductor’s tax department to assist in making income tax returns..

In the case of all deductions, submission of TDS return is required for all deductors. It includes the information regarding TDS deposits and deductions that the deductions are made. It must also include PAN card information of both the deductor and deductee Tax paid particulars and information regarding TDS the challan, and any additional information that the form requires.

Instructions for Return Filing TDS

Step 1: Go to the website of the Income Tax Department ( and log in to your account using your PAN and password

Step 2. Choose the ‘eFile’ tab in the top menu, and then select “Prepare and submit TDS Return’

Third step: Pick the correct fiscal year and the form (Form 26Q to pay TDS on wages Form 24Q to pay TDS on non-salary income Form 27Q for TDS on foreign firms and so on.) and then click Continue

4. Fill in all necessary information which include details of the TDS amount, the PAN of the tax deductee, as well as the tax that was deducted at source.

Phase 5: Review the data and then click “Submit”

6. In return, you will get an acknowledgement receipt from TDS return filing. This receipt you can print or save for later reference

7. In the event that you’ve committed any mistakes or omissions on the TDS report, you may submit a revised return using the same procedure. Simply select the ‘Revised Return option, instead of the “Original Return” when you file.

File Revised TDS Returns

In the event of an online TDS return If there are mistakes caused by inaccurate challan numbers as well as incorrect PAN information or insufficient the PAN information and the tax amount being credited as tax is not reflected in the Form 26AS/Form 16A/Form 16A. In these instances, a new TDS return is required to be filed.

For filing an amended TDS return, you require two documents – one file that consolidates information on the deductions you made in the quarter. The other one that is the report on justification that contains the details of the mistakes made in the return.

The time frame for filing TDS Refund

When you file online TDS returns If you have to pay tax over the tax amount actually due then you’ll be eligible for a TDS refund. The exact time that the refund is made depends on whether you completed the tax return filing prior to or following the deadline. If your tax returns were filed in time, you will be able to claim the amount you owe within 3 to 6 months.

When filing an online TDS return in the event of the case of filing too late or non-filing of the returns, either the person or company could be forced to deal with two types of penalties:

  • Late filing fee- U/S 2 and 234E
  • Non-filing penalty – U/S 271 H

Documents required to file TDS Return Online

The following documents need to be filed with the TDS returns.

  • TAN details
  • PAN details
  • Last TDS filing details, if applicable
  • The time frame for when TDS must be submitted
  • Date of incorporation for the company
  • No. of transactions needed to file TDS returns
  • Its name is Proprietorship or Partnership/ Company or LLP