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How To Manage Your Payroll Management System Using Vakil9?

Control your Payroll Online with a management system in just three easy steps


Online Payroll Management – Overview

Payrolls are all financial information such as employee wages as well as bonus and deduction. Payroll taxes and payroll are a significant factor in the earnings of the majority of businesses. This is why it is essential to manage it in a way that is efficient. Payroll management includes a variety of legal issues and must be in compliance with numerous regulations from the federal government. It is therefore highly recommended to seek out expert help when managing payroll for a business.

The process of managing payroll consists of making a payroll policy for the organization that includes all flexible benefits as well as leave policies for employees. The payroll management system must include all policies on cash and leave for employees.

What Is Payroll Management System?

Payroll management software simplifies the process of processing payroll and allows you to track every detail live, any time,  Vakil9 payroll management software consists of

  • Structuring the CTC
  • Record keeping for all employee records, such as daily attendance, bonuses and many more.
  • The process of generating salary slips is done on an annual basis
  • Making sure that you have the entire employment contract
  • The filing of income tax for employees, if necessary

Payroll Management System Cost – Vakil9

The payroll management service that is professional provided by Vakil9 begins at Rs17,999 and includes taxes for one year. If your company employs greater than 10 staff members, you may want to consider our business package. Our enterprise package includes an PF, and ESI Registration together with TDS calibration and monthly filing at just Rs28,999 for one year.

All payroll related operations are handled by Vakil9 HR and payroll management system, which allows administrators to pay employees promptly and in full.

Online Payroll Management System is cost-effective and comes with all of the elements needed to ensure accurate calculation of payroll. The deductions, policies on leave as well as other rules for the calculation of payroll automatically should all be programmed. In addition, the payroll management software provides additional security to secure the personal data of your employees.

Types of Payroll Management System

There are various kinds of Payroll management software systems used for different purposes.

Excel-Based Payroll Administration

When a company is only starting out and only has just a handful of employees, they decide to handle payroll using Excel. When it comes to the management of payroll using excel, the calibrations are carried out on the sheets using a standard template for calculation of payroll. The mathematical formulas are pre-defined and aid the calculations of the payroll worker.

According to our experts in-house, the method is not without its disadvantages, such as the high probability of mathematical and clerical mistakes because the data is manually entered manually. In addition, removing and adding people on the payroll lists is difficult.

Our HR and Payroll Management services can also provide additional data like leaves, attendance as well as reimburse details. We are an outside service supplier. We manage the calculation of the payroll as well as the statutory compliance. Payroll is an important responsibility and vakil9 will assist you in complying with all of the regulations.

Payroll Processing and HR Management

HR administration and processing of payroll involves acquiring payroll inputs with other vital information for the company. Additionally, it involves managing different elements of the payslip, including the basic pay and variable pay HRA and LTA.

In addition, filing IT returns as well as depositing TDS or PF and other dues with the authorized authorities, along with paying salaries to employees are all part of the HR and Payroll management system.

HR and Payroll Management services such as handling payroll, coordinating staff salary, tracking deductions and other payment details. We can help you keep the records of every employee’s basic information, such as details about contact information (name address, the address as well as birth date. ), employment dates (joining date, promotion date, etc. ) as well as bank details such as pay scales basic and grade pay, etc.

Stages Of Processing Payroll

These are just a few essential responsibilities of the HR and payroll management system:

  • Structured compensation
  • Determining deductions and leave
  • Processing and calculating salaries
  • Control of taxes on payroll
  • Submitting returns
  • Pay slips and reports are created.

Features of HR & Payroll Management System

1. Installation is simple and easy to do

vakil9 Payroll and HR management systems is easily integrated into your company’s form in little effort. All you need to do is call our experts and supply all the information required. Our team will handle your HR and payroll management systems.

2. Deposits and tax filings that are timely

Of all the tasks, the most challenging one is dealing with taxes withheld from payroll. It is required to pay these taxes on regular basis within the timeframe. vakil9 is the top software for managing HR and payroll. We ensure that all compliance requirements are met with no delay.

3. Direct deposit for payment

The days of paper-based cheques are gone. Today, everyone gets their money via a bank transfer. We’ll ensure that the payment is received on time.

4. Payroll data

Your ideal wish list should contain solid reliable, precise and readily accessible pay-roll reports that are easily accessible. The process of finding payroll information involves many forms of paperwork and calculations which isn’t something you’ll ever want to do. Our program offers a range of reports that you could get with just a few clicks instead of rushing to compile reports and gathering data.

Payroll Calculation

The process of paying employees is broken down into three stages.

  • Payroll preparation
  • The process of making a payroll
  • Post-payroll operations

The following equations may be used to calculate the pay:

  • Gross salary minus gross deductions = Net salary
  • The gross salary is the sum of Base Salary + allowances and HRA plus reimbursements Bonus + Arrears
  • Private Provident account + income tax insurance + leave adjustments + Repayments from loans + Gross deducts (if there are any)

Advantages of Payroll Management System

Record Maintenance:

With the help of vakil9 HR and Payroll Management system, HR departments is able to keep track of qualifications or credentials as well as other information of every faculty member. Paperwork and laborious documents are no longer necessary!

Processing of Payroll from the Start to End:

The payroll management system is able to automatize the entire process of payroll and helps reduce the workload of employees.

Faster Salary Calculation and Payments:

Since it connects to the administration system and the administration system, the calculation of salary process can be completed quickly, automatically and easily.

Indian Payroll Laws:

In India, the Indian government has made regulations which the payroll system must adhere to. It’s difficult for an average person to understand the rules and regulations. our expert lawyer at vakil9 can assist with the process of payroll or HR Management is the best way to be sure you’re in line with the latest changes to the law.

Enhanced Data Security:

This feature lets businesses establish user roles and give users access to the payroll system that are compatible to those roles, which improves the security of data.

The reports on payroll and employees that provide valuable information:

With just a few clicks, many types of payroll reports and faculty performance reports are generated.

Why Choose vakil9 Payroll and HR Management Systems ?

The HR and Payroll Management System is your most effective solution to handle all your payroll needs. Our payroll experts and accounting specialists work together closely to manage and determine your payroll. We can help you with:

  • We provide complete payroll service all in one place, including modern web and mobile apps to track the service’s current status
  • In addition to the payroll management, once you’re linked to us, you’ll be provided with virtual CA/CS/Law assistance in the event that your employee or business requires any legal assistance
  • Our team is dedicated to payroll management, and all laws and regulations of the government pertaining to the laws governing employment are updated to you in real-time
  • Our team of accountants, tax experts and the latest payroll software will ease the management of payroll for employees.
  • Everything includes employee compensation as well as PF payouts, are performed in accordance to the payroll cycle of your business.
  • Our legal experts deal with other labor compliance issues as well as EPF registrationsTDS return filing and IT return filing.
  • It is possible to use the internet to make and then execute pay orders, as well as keep track of the information about new employees.