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vakil9 best divorce lawyers can take care of the entire process of filing, litigating, and handling cases in the family courts as well as high courts in India’s divorce laws. They typically assist in the filing of alimony, maintenance and child custody issues.
 The main responsibility of divorce lawyers is to help the client in addressing child custody issues since this is among the most crucial aspects in any divorce.

Real estate lawyers from Vakil9 manage everything from the title search through dispute resolution. They conduct due diligence on the property to determine what the property’s title looks like and whether it is cleared to develop or sell.

They also search for any the possibility of litigation and mortgages pending on the property in order to come up with an acceptable and amicable resolution for their clients. They provide advice to their clients on various issues related to property.

A labour lawyer can assist clients with legal issues that arise out of the employment relationship. They provide guidance and interpretation to clients regarding the laws governing wage and hour as well as workplace safety, rest breaks and laws regarding break, disability and work-related harassment discrimination, wrongful termination.

Vakil9’s lawyers for labour and employment can handle the entirety of litigation involving employment including motion hearings, mediations, and depositions.

A family lawyer from Vaki9 can help with legal disputes that arise between members of the same family. The firm represents clients in cases that involve guardianship, divorce domestic violence, adoption and nearly every other issue related to family law.
A family lawyer is able to provide guidance to a variety of clients, which includes older people and children. The advice they provide on their rights and the next steps differ significantly based on the particular case.

Vakil9’s consumer protection lawyers handle many different problems, including consumer fraud and product liability, fraudulent advertising, as well as other business scams, such as delays in the possession of or complete construction projects. With Vakil9 it is possible to find an experienced consumer advocate for court in India.

Lawyers in the banking industry, just like other profession, come into the picture to identify and address weaknesses in transactions and disputes. Vakil9’s bank lawyers will manage the entire transactional paperwork, standardize documents, develop and implement policies, respond to questions, remain up to current on regulations, make sure of compliance and resolve disputes.

A lawyer for finance and banking can represent either the lender or the borrower Their primary responsibility is to manage the aspect of transactions that involve transaction. They have to balance conformity by adhering to all applicable laws and regulations , while also facilitating mediation, by helping both parties to reach mutually acceptable agreements.

The job of an immigration lawyer to do in India is to offer practical and strategic legal guidance on immigration. Immigration lawyers at Vakil9 are principally accountable for helping their clients with the complexities that arise when settling in India as Indian citizens.

Immigration lawyers assist and research many different clients, such as entrepreneurs who want to establish a business in India multinational companies looking to establish branches or centres in India and families who want to begin a new life in India.